As several organizations across the country gear up towards reopening facilities while continuing to fight the pandemic, we are faced with a new set of challenges in the workplace. The Government has issued a set of guidelines for the resumption of business operations during COVID-19, one of which is to include solid visitor management, screening and tracking systems in place to audit any breach of COVID norms. 

Visitor Management Systems with Contact Tracing has the ability to enable facilities to be safer while also ensuring compliance with tracking and tracing norms and enhancing the visitor experience. 

Here are 5 reasons to consider an automated Visitor Management System with Contact Tracing:

Contactless Check-In

Visitor Management platforms are now completely contactless. This provides a safe and hygienic, security solution for registering personnel including visitors, employees and vendors.

Get Accurate Records

VMS facilitates visitors, contractors and employees checking in and checking out using a simple interface. The mobile and web app has integrated ID scanners for automatic data extraction from the QR codes.

Solutions Across Multiple Locations.

VMS can be installed across multiple locations in a matter of days, and all remotely. Due to the sheer numbers visiting multiple locations, this solution will help you reduce the administrative burden for the front desk including security.

Ensure Precise Contact Tracing

Visitor management system doubles as a screening tool that can simplify contact tracing with easy access to accurate visitor records. These records time-stamp the exact time a person registers and include key information like their name and the date.

Real-Time Visitor Reports for Keeping
Track of Each Individual On-Site

VMS enables management to always be aware of visitor analytics,
understanding who is entering the building, and when.
Real-time graphical reporting helps with on-site planning including
catering, facilities, parking, hospitality and other departments.

As we have seen over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, reopening businesses while minimizing the spread of the virus can be a challenge. In addition to following specific regulations and each organization establishing its own safety protocol, businesses are also having to adapt to fluctuations in people’s ability and willingness to follow guidelines for the sake of the general public.