The client, a large Tea manufacturer with a history of over 70 years, is a pioneer in value-added tea manufacturing and exports. The private label has a strong global presence with a considerable market share in some of the largest tea markets in the EU, Russia, West Africa, the US.

Considering the scale of operations at the client location, security was a major concern. Managing the number of visitors, ensuring control based access and distinguishing between vendors, visitors, contractors & employees became crucial and the team turned to technology to solve these challenges.

Addressing the critical challenges of missed information because of manual entry systems, the client wanted to record the exact check-in and check-out time stamps of the visitors and alert the whereabouts of visitors during the visit to the management and employees.


Ineffective Monitoring

Ineffective visitor monitoring process as it was a paper based log entry

Wasted Time

Time loss on requests for appointments and in-house navigation

Manual Alerts & Notifications

It would consume a lot of time in identifying the host and alerting them about unplanned visitor

Security Issues

Security concern, especially when large crowds gathered for training and other purposes


VisitorSight automated the tracking, monitoring and streamlined the process of managing visitors ensuring safety and security of the workplace is never compromised. It has powered productivity and efficiency by speeding up the visitor check-in process and tracking visitors within the plant.

VisitorSight solution has removed all the paper-based tracking and all the real-time information of the visitor was made available in an easily accessible repository. The entire implementation was done using minimal capex as the solution works on mobile phones and tablets.

Track & Trace Visitors Anytime, Anywhere Inside Premises

Real-time dashboards with visitors analytics helped management to track and trace past visitor records with ease.

Tracking Accuracy Increased By 90%

Tracking and screening of visitors improved by a great magnitude & and also helped meeting the compliance & safety regulations

Generate Automated Badges and QR Codes

Printed badges with personal details and QR codes to increase visibility and tracking for hosts.

Streamline All Visitor Data Into Single Dashboard

VisitorSight web dashboard gives a complete overview of visitor and employees

Improved efficiency, a reduction in administrative costs, and increased physical security make VisitorSight a must-have for us. . Offering a quick and tech-enabled visitor monitoring is in sync with our modernization goal at the company. Implementation was straightforward. A clear process was available for us to follow and the support is great. We had the system up and running in 2 weeks. VisitorSight’s ease of usage has been appreciated both by employees and visitors and has been helping management with detailed visitor audit logs.
Becky Adams
Procurement Head